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SNEC Impacts Worcester: Walk for the Homeless

Southern New England Conference (SNEC) and area churches continue to impact Worcester. On the same day as the New England VegFest, SNEC Adventist Community Services and Medical Cadets supported Worcester area churches with financial sponsorship and people power as they participated in Worcester’s annual Walk for the Homeless. The Pleasant Street SDA church has been participating in this 5K fundraiser for the last 15 years.

Frankie Vazquez, SNEC community services director, reported that close to 75 people from the Pleasant Street church, the Ghanaian churches, the Airport Drive church, and a few from the Worcester Spanish churches participated.

“This walk creates awareness and raises money for the [13] shelters in Worcester. For each person that walks, organizations like Poland Springs, Nike, and New Balance put money in,” said Vasquez. “This year we were the second biggest group.”

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