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Child Protection

The Southern New England Conference is committed to providing safe worship and educational environments to help children and youth learn to love and follow Jesus Christ. 

Our organization follows the safety guidelines set forth by the North American Division, which are listed in the Child Protection Policy (FB-20), and include the following:

  • Two-Person Rule

  • Open Door Policy

  • Six-Month Waiting Period for New Volunteers

  • Training in Child Protection (through ASV)

  • Adult Screening and Background Checks (through ASV)

  • Worship Guidelines for Previous Sex Offenders Attending Church

​       ASV: Adventist Screening Verification is an online

        provider for online training and screening.

In addition we support individual state mandates on child reporting laws.


Please join us in all the steps we can take to keep our children safe in our ministry programs and prevent abuse in our churches, schools, and summer camp. 


Resources and training opportunities are available to equip and support families, volunteers, and employees in child protection.

April 1.jpg

April Montoya

Child Protection Coord.



24hr - Careline


24hr - Careline

Nearest DCF office 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Rhode Island

24hr - At home Caretakers or parents

Nearest Police Station

ASV Customer Service

(Toll Free)

Hours - 8:00am - 8:00pm EST 

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