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Green Goodness

Health Ministries

Adventists believe the key to wellness lies in a life of balance and temperance. Nature creates a wealth of good things that lead to vibrant health. Pure water, fresh air and sunlight—when used appropriately—promote clean, healthy lives. Such health is a gift from a loving God who wants us to live life in its abundance. When we benefit from such love, we feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation toward our creator. Part of that example includes taking care of our health—we believe God calls us to care for our bodies, treating them with the respect a divine creation deserves. Gluttony and excess, even of something good, can be detrimental to our health. The 'abundant life' Jesus Christ came to give us includes whole wellness of the spirit, mind, and body.  Get started living your BEST life TODAY!

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Health Ministries Coordinator

Pastor Tom Dombrowski

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