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Shekinah Haitian Church Collaborates with Area Health Care Providers and Conference in Community Health Fair

On Saturday, May 4th, the Shekinah Haitian Church orchestrated a community health fair at Williams Park in New London, Connecticut, in collaboration with the Southern New England Conference (SNEC) Adventist Community Services (ACS), and a diverse array of non-SDA health service providers. Hartford Healthcare Neighborhood Health professionals administered blood pressure and blood sugar tests, and Lions KidSight offered pediatric vision screenings. Backus Hospital, UCFS Healthcare, and Yale New Haven Health provided additional support. 

This event exemplified Total Member Involvement, with the entire church working together in a spirit of unity, compassion, and dedication. Calerbe Aguy, pastor of Shekinah Haitian church, led the leadership team. First elder Samuel Pierre and health ministries director, Dina Dufort, deserve accolades for their exceptional organizational skill and mobilization efforts. Church members of all ages contributed their talents and time, including Angie Fontilus, Shekinah church’s college-aged communications director, who led the promotional efforts for the health fair, and Shekinah’s Pathfinder club who showcased their talents with a drum corps performance. 

Yves Francis, SNEC ACS director, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event.  Drawing inspiration from the charitable deeds of Jesus, he initiated the program, underscoring the significance of community involvement and emphasizing the church's unwavering commitment to extending aid beyond its physical boundaries. Their donation of canopies and blood pressure test kits ensured attendees could access vital health services in a conducive environment.

This event marked a notable departure from the church's conventional Sabbath service format, deliberately chosen to engage and serve the neighborhood community directly.

Dufort reported serving 200 to 250 individuals and distributing 1000 books on the Seventh-day Adventist faith, including the renowned Ellen White series. The blood pressure and diabetes screenings and eye exams conducted yielded numerous referrals for medical care, highlighting the critical role of the fair in addressing the community's health needs comprehensively.

“Events like this are one of the great ways to educate and give back to our community,” said Anthony Nolan, State Representative for New London who came out to support the event.  “Just to see the church come out and do something for the community is greatly appreciated.”

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