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Pleasant Street Church Brings Joy to Children at Christmas

The Pleasant Street SDA church in Worcester, MA, under the leadership of local prison ministries director, Ben Ogunjobi, has partnered with Angel Tree Ministry for the last three years to make a positive impact in the lives of children who have been impacted negatively by the incarceration of a parent. On December 17, 2023, the church invited 77 children and their families to a party at the church. The church bought gifts for the children, and Bibles were given to each child according to their age. The children’s eyes grew big with amazement as they received the gifts that they had requested such as dolls, puzzles, clothes, gift cards, and even a bicycle. They also sang songs together, played games, and shared a meal.


At the party, the church members introduced the children to the other ministries of the church, such as the diaper distribution ministry, the Adventurer Club, and the Pathfinder Club who put on a drum corps exhibit for the children and their families. Church members welcomed the children and their families to join any of these programs and services.


The 77 children they impacted this year included 19 children from last year, 49 newly assigned children, 24 care givers, and 9 children who resided in the same household of children whom they impacted.


“Christmas is a time for joy, but [many] children face the prospect of a sad holiday season because their family is incomplete. The Pleasant Street Church is unable to reunite those families, but we believe that [as] we are God’s hands and feet, we can bring some joy to those children and their families,” said Marlene Alvarez.


“We firmly believe that as God’s missionaries, each person has a job to do. We can pray, volunteer, and give,” Alvarez continued. “We praise God that we were able to minister to God’s children. We will continue to maintain relationships with those 77 children and their caregivers through invitations to Children’s Church, VBS, and other church programs. We are sowing seeds and praying that God will allow those seeds to grow, leading each child and adult to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus and growing God’s family.”


This ministry was made possible because of the united efforts of volunteers, the church body, and the backing of the church board under the leadership of the pastor, Ernan Norman.

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