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Evangelism Collaborative Ignites Unity and Faith Across Borders

In a remarkable display of unity and faith, a Holy Spirit-powered evangelism collaborative made a profound impact on communities in Southern New England Conference (SNEC), across the Atlantic Union (AU), and globally, with a total of 178 baptisms in SNEC and over 700 decisions for baptism in the Atlantic Union and internationally. 

Following the AU-sponsored Hispanic Leadership Convention on April 19-21, SNEC Hispanic Ministries started with small group evangelism from April 28 to May 3.  Over 50 small groups met during this week, with about 220 non-member visitors in total.  

Beginning on May 4, Henry Beras, AU Conference Hispanic and Portuguese ministries vice president, led a two-part evangelism series, Cuando Jesus Llega (When Jesus Comes).  In the first segment, more than 87 Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking churches around the union simultaneously participated in the week-long series.  Twenty-five pastors and conference administrators from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Venezuela, moved by the power of God, came to the U.S. to serve as guests evangelists in participating churches.

The second part was from May 11 to 18 at the Lion of Judah Spanish church in Waterbury, Connecticut, with Beras as the guest evangelist. Streamed live on Esperanza TV, Amanecer Internacional Dominican Republic Radio, Esperanza Radio New York, Radio Adventista San Salvador, and Oasis de Esperanza Radio, the series set a new benchmark for Hispanic evangelism within the Atlantic Union and SNEC.

To conclude this evangelism collaborative, from May 19 to 25 evangelist Eben Rosario led an evangelism caravan through SNEC, preaching messages of hope in a different church every night:  Lynn Spanish, Providence Spanish, Marlboro Spanish, Bridgeport Spanish, Meriden Spanish, Hartford Spanish, and concluding the caravan at the Leominster Spanish church.

Throughout each segment of this evangelism journey, baptismal waters were stirred in churches and even in homes, and new sons and daughters of God emerged, transformed by the grace of Jesus.

Southern New England Conference Hispanic Ministries has been preparing for this level of evangelism for over a year, with lay training events such Yo Ire a Predicar in 2023, Lay Adventist Seminar, which held its third meeting on May 4 at the New Haven Spanish church, and many more.

Let us continue to spread the love and teachings of Christ, as each campaign brings us closer to His second coming.   

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