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Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Amesbury School


It was a beautiful autumn Sabbath on October 15th, 2022! There was excitement in the air due to the 100-year milestone of the Amesbury School. The event was well attended by families and students past and present. Memories of times past were shared by various speakers. Students sang and shared thoughts too.

Stories of the current teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Kamieneski, encapsulated anecdotal times of spiritual and academic excellence. This school has stood the test of time. The teachers have too! They each served our church school system for 50 years. They were thanked and gifted for their dedication as Adventist Christian educators by the Superintendent of Schools Beverley Bucknor.

May this school in partnership with the Amesbury Church continue their mission of Adventist Education.

Thank you, Amesbury Church, for your support of this precious school for 100 years! May you continue this relationship until our Savior comes again.

Author - Beverley Bucknor

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