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Helping Children with Viral Anxiety

April 2020
with Karen Holford, MA MSc
Trans European Division

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Child Protection Training  ARM

March 2019
with David Fournier
Adventist Risk Management

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End It Now


2018 & 2019
Trainings in English and Spanish

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Trainings in English and Spanish

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Adventist Learning Community


Sexual Abuse - Reclaiming Hope

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June 2020

Volunteer Ministry Coordinator Training 

  • Learn Officer Description
  • Review SDA Child Protection and Code of Conduct Policies
  • Volunteer Management (Referencing & Adventist Training Screening)
  • How to Conduct Group Trainings

July 2020

  • Loving Discipline - with Karen Holford, Trans-European Division

This workshop will help you to learn about creative and loving approaches to discipline including:

  • The goals of discipline
  • Being gentle shepherds
  • Understanding a child’s needs
  • Temper tantrums or sensory overload?
  • Setting boundaries
  • The importance of love and forgiveness

October 2020

  • Children & Sexuality - Duane Schoonard, Pastor, Licensed Therapist, & Professor