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Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministries is an important department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church committed to serving the children between the ages of birth to fourteen years of age. Its mission is to provide programs and opportunities for leading our children into a closer relationship with, and love for Jesus first, and secondly, help them build loving relationships with others.

The following programs are all included in Children’s Ministries:

  • Children’s Church

  • Children’s Day or Sabbath

  • Children’s Baptismal Class

  • Children’s Worship

  • Children’s Communion

  • Children’s Evangelistic Meetings

  • Children’s Prayer Meetings

  • Children’s Stewardship

  • Children’s Sabbath School

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Adventurer Sabbath/Programs

  • Children’s Nursery

  • Children’s Social Programs

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