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New Company in SNEC - Fall River Cape Verdean Church

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Fall River Cape Verdean church newest recognized company in SNEC.

Today the SNEC administrators joined the larger Cape Verdean community in southeastern Massachusetts to recognize the newest church company. The group has worked hard during the pandemic to grow. Their proclamation of the gospel has been strong and people have joined this joyful church family. It was a day of joy and praise to the Lord.

Their pastor, Joaquim Tango, was so proud and happy. The other three Cape Verdean pastors, Adilson De Piña, Felix Monteiro, and Ivanildo Lopes all have contributed to the work in Fall River. But the bulk of the work has been the lay people.

I suspect that very shortly they will have enough members to become a full fledged church.

Many thanks to the Fall River English who have been hosts to the Cabo Verde group without charge.

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