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NAD Grant Fuels Women's Ministry in CT

Updated: Jan 15

  Thanks to the North American Division’s (NAD) Ministerial Spouses Association Hope and Compassion Evangelism grant, Kimberley Miller, pastor’s wife at the Plainville, Grace, and Christian Fellowship SDA churches in central Connecticut, with a team of eight ladies, began a ministry to non-Adventist women in their community.

     On Sunday, November 12, 2023, Miller and her team hosted a Hope and Compassion Brunch at the Christian Fellowship SDA church hall for ladies from the Hartford YWCA, an organization that serves ordinary women in the community in need of support, as well as homeless women and women in transitional homes. 

     They gave out care packages with shampoo, conditioner, wash cloth, body wash, razor blades, shaving cream, face mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and gift cards valued at $20.00. Each guest also received fresh roses contributed by a member of the team. The guests were encouraged and reassured by two presenters, Tanneice Ulett, who spoke on resilience, and Yonne Young, whose topic was God’s Love”.

     They also enjoyed a delightful meal of cheese and crackers, chips and dip, vegetable salad, fruit salad, meatballs, chicken wings, garlic bread, quiche, potato salad, soup, tea, and juice. Several of these dishes were generously contributed by ladies from the church.

     The NAD funding enabled them to offset expenses for the care packages and most of the meal served.  This allowed their churches, though small in membership and limited in resources, to participate in serving their community.

     Miller and her ministry team made up 25 care packages but only twelve ladies attended.  This was probably due to skepticism, because prior to this event the ladies invited knew nothing about the church building or what goes on there. But Miller and her team believe that now that the foundation is set, and because the event was well received by those in attendance, the women that participated will pass the word along. The remaining care packages will be used in a similar event next year or issued to other ladies from the YWCA as requested by their coordinator.   

     Miller and her team look forward to the NADs continued support as they plan for ongoing relations with their community through volunteering, inviting the YWCA ladies to the church’s pantry, and other community projects. Through this ministry, the ladies of the church have been reignited and have been making requests for such an event to become an annual women’s ministries activity for their district. They are eager and enthusiastic to serve their community, especially the less fortunate, and to form lasting relationships in Hartford and ultimately lead individuals into a saving relationship with our soon coming King.

     This team of ladies craves your prayers and support as they aim, by God’s grace, to deny self and provide thoughtful care for non-members, doing ministry that will reveal Jesus’ character.  They say, “TOGETHER WE WILL GO!”

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