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During the week of October 22-29, the Jamaica Plain Spanish Church held a Week of Evangelism entitled – “God Can Help You.” The guest speaker was Elder Ebanildo Rosario-Mejías. Every night he opened the Word of God and appealed to the attendees to allow God to help them overcome the challenges they were facing. He reminded them that God already has a solution for every single problem they were facing as well as the challenges and problems they would face in the days ahead.

In preparation for this event, Pr. Brandy Peralta conducted a baptismal class that led to seven (7) baptisms and six (6) Professions of Faith. Pr. Eduardo Rodriguez along with his teams of Elders and lay volunteers are studying the Bible with an additional 40 interests and preparing them for baptism in three months. May the Lord continue to bless the efforts of the Jamaica Plain church as the members respond to the call to work together in mission for the Cause of Christ. Let us all answer the call of Jesus and say – “Yes, I will go!”

Author - Robert Folkenberg

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