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Health Ministries

In a world that’s filled with sickness, pain, suffering and sorrow, where can people turn to find practical answers? God offers hope and healing. The Seventh-day Adventist church has tapped into God’s perfect plan for healing and living an abundant life, and has a history of providing time-honored, Bible- and evidence-based instruction and support to achieve and maintain total health. God’s plan for healing restores our relationship with Him, repairs our relationships with fellow human beings, and even heals our view of and relationship with ourselves. From this transformation springs our motivation to share the hope and healing we have found with our community. Our local churches throughout the Southern New England region provide a variety of educational classes and support for common health issues such as depression and anxiety, diabetes, obesity, and addictions, including healthy, plant-based cooking classes. We also offer free health fairs in partnership with community events organized by schools, businesses, churches, non-profit and community organizations. We provide on-site health screening, therapeutic hand and chair massage, health age assessment, free health literature, and fun children’s activities. The Southern New England Conference (SNEC) health ministry department is committed to training and supporting our churches, pastors, and church members so they can sustainably serve their communities through health ministry. Contact SNEC Health Ministry coordinator Tom Dombrowski at for more information, support, or training, or if you would like to volunteer to serve in health ministry.

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Health Ministries Coordinator

Pastor Tom Dombrowski

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