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Society of Adventist Communicators Convention Held in SNEC Territory

Southern New England Conference (SNEC) was honored to be the local conference host for the 2023 North American Division (NAD) Society of Adventist Communicators convention, which was held in Springfield, Massachusetts. While participants came from as far as Trinidad, England, and many Adventist colleges across the NAD, SNEC constituents contributed to the programming and SNEC and local church communications personnel took advantage of the convenient proximity of the convention.

The praise team from Redemption Community Church, a SNEC church in Fitchburg, MA, led worship for the Friday night and Sabbath programs.

Two members from the SNEC Communications team attended and enjoyed the camaraderie, made beneficial connections, toured a local television station, gained valuable information about the emerging field of artificial intelligence and how to use it for written and visual communications, how to create a successful podcast, and much more.

Attendee Isabella Lagos, high school senior and recently elected communications director for the Connecticut Valley Adventist church, was glad to personally meet the SNEC assistant communications director, Shawn Santana, and the Atlantic Union director of communications, Ednor Davison. She connected with Bryant Taylor, Southern Union communication director and Southern Tidings editor and also learned about scholarship opportunities at several Adventist universities.

“I loved SAC (Society of Adventist Communicators conference)!” said Lagos. “I met people who can relate to me and are just like me, and they’re making life-changing content for this new era that we live in, something that we can use to reach more people [for Christ].”

For more information about the Society of Adventist Communicators, click here:

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