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Adventurers and Families Enjoy Spring Escape

Photos by Elias Zabala

Over 850 adventurers and parents from 31 clubs set up camp at the Southern New England Conference campgrounds from May 19-21 for the annual Spring Escape. They enjoyed “A Wonderful Journey,” a theme focused on some of the journeys in Christ’s life.

Friday evening kicked off with a skit about the birth of Jesus presented by the Everett Adventurer Club that included costumed wise men, a donkey on wheels and a beautifully decorated stage, according to Spring Escape manager Myrna Campbell-Claxton.

She said Saturday afternoon the clubs rotated through three activity stations that included crafts based on Christ’s baptism, crucifixion, and resurrection, with some activities moved inside the pavilion due to the heavy rain.

“They brought their raingear and were troopers,” Campbell-Claxton said. “The kids just went through it like you wouldn’t believe.”

All the activities for Eager Beavers and Little Lambs, the youngest adventurers, were stationed inside Cedar Hall. There was also a prayer tent that taught the children about the importance of prayer.

“We talked about why we pray… and how it connects us to Christ,” Campbell-Claxton said. “We used having a friend as an example; you tell them your secrets, your joys, your sadness.”

Because May 21 was the North American Division’s (NAD) World Adventurer Day, Campbell-Claxton said NAD Adventurer Coordinator Ada Gomez was the weekend’s speaker. She focused on the fact that all Jesus went through, He chose to do for us.

“What I hope they (took) away from the weekend is the understanding of Jesus’ journey and how we can learn from the example of His life,” Campbell-Claxton said. “I hope the kids will also use that to show their friends what they can do (for each other).”

Campbell-Claxton said when she received the NAD Spring Escape theme earlier in the year, she wrote all the scripts for the activity centers, then turned to her committee to work on them, refine them and choose crafts to go along with the activities. It took nearly 50 volunteers to bring their vision to a reality.

Myrna Campbell-Claxton, Adventurer Spring Escape manager

Danny Velez, SNEC youth director

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