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Position: Interim Treasurer | Greater Boston Academy


Description: Greater Boston Academy (GBA) is looking for an Interim business manager/treasurer beginning October 22, 2018.  The Interim Treasurer will be responsible for working closely with the principal, parents (processing accounts receivables and payables, 3-Way Scholarships, SET funding and school finances).  This is an Interim Treasurer position that requires the applicant to be knowledgeable of ASSI (Conference Accounting software), Ren-Web and FACTS. 

Experience: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from an accredited institution and at least 3 years accounting and/or business manager experience is required. Experience working in an SDA educational institution is preferred.

Jacqueline Mack,  Principal at Greater Boston Academy or 585-200-7094 (cell)

English/Spanish Grades 9-12:  Greater Boston Academy 

Description: Greater Boston Academy has been in operation for over 100 years and is located in the town of Stoneham, which is in the northern part of the Greater Boston area. If you enjoy the change in seasons and the occasional nor'easter in the winter, then New England is the place to live and GBA is a great school and community to be a part of. GBA is seeking a qualified candidate who is able to teach high school English and Spanish.

Experience: Qualifications include appropriate college education and Adventist teaching credentials in required subject areas. Experience is preferred, but not required. Obviously, all of the usual are necessary: a love for children, committed to their spiritual growth, play well with your colleagues, willing to think out of the box, take chances, explore new ideas, fail on occasion, and always willing to learn.
Primary Contact:
Jacqueline Mack
108 Pond St Stoneham, MA 02180

Secondary Contact:
Beverley Bucknor, SNEC Sup't. of Schools
(978) 365-4551 x609


Grades 5/6 Teacher - Greater Boston Academy


Description: Creates and maintains a pleasant classroom atmosphere. Generates enthusiasm for learning by infusing critical thinking, application, interpersonal, and technology skills. Integrating faith and learning throughout the curriculum. Teaching the approved NAD Bible curriculum which adheres to the doctrines and spirit of prophecy beliefs. Teaching to the NAD Curriculum standards.


Experience: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree 1-2 years teaching experience, writing lesson plans, computer skills and bilingual abilities preferred.


Jacqueline Mack
108 Pond St Stoneham, MA 02180