Church Communication Leader Ministry Description

Communication / Public Relations - Having a Communication Leader for your local church provides an opportunity for the accurate transmission of church-related information to your members and community. 
Possible Communication Avenues 
  1. Local newspapers 
  2. Radio stations 
  3. Church newsletter 
  4. Church bulletins 
  5. Special flyers 
  6. Church information packets 
  7. E-mail newsletter to members 
  8. Church website 
  9. Foyer bulletin boards 
10. Phone answering machine 
11. Special awareness video  
Communication Leaders should work closely with the Pastoral staff to maximize his or her communication efforts. Make sure you're reading off of the same page when it comes to disseminating church news. 
Maintaining Credibility 
To maintain credibility, check and re-check your sources before publishing anything. Especially be careful not to pass on everything you read on the Internet. 
Work closely with your local conference Communication Director to function as part of the Conference Communication network.