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Ministerial Spouses Association

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MSA Mission Statement:
To promote the spiritual growth and unique gifts of MSA members through area and chapter meetings; to provide educational/training opportunities to augment MSA members in their ministry roles; to network with various organizations to assist with outreach/evangelistic activities.

MSA Vision Statement:
To be relevant to pastoral spouses and to take part in evangelism as a cohesive group.


About Us:
Formally known as "Shepherdess," the SNEC Ministerial Souses Association (MSA) is made up of the spouses of pastors and conference spouses in the Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island area. On a wider scale, MSA is also worldwide with components at the local Conference, Union, Division, and General Conference levels of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The focus of MSA is to foster faith, family, fitness, fellowship, and ministry especially tailored to ministerial spouses and their unique role alongside the pastor to the congregations they help to serve.

                    Some of our SNEC MSA members. Put yourself in the picture.... Please join us!      (Photo 2015)






MSA Officers

Sandra Dombrowski

(860) 805-4621

 Elena Pelletier
Vice President

Area Coordinators
Boston Area:
Natacha Francis
(978) 798-5952

Central MA Area:

CT & W MA Area:
Jasmine Jackson
(646) 522-2413

RI & SE MA Area:

Fatima Piresson
(423) 243-8121