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Treasure Seekers
The world has many examples of people seeking for treasure. Typically, it is the kind of treasure that results in someone getting very rich at the expense of others. Kings, rulers, pirates, business tycoons, lottery winners, gamblers. All are looking for a quick and easy way to own, objects, even people.

This event will help girls discover the best treasure of all ... God!

This event should be casual and fun. Decorate with all manner of items that represent treasure - gold coins, crowns, jewels, richly textured cloth, pirate items, a treasure chest (a cardboard box and paint works great) glittery items (candles and low light will help with the effect-just be sure to have them in a safe area). If you will be offering refreshments - use gold-colored plates, cups, and napkins.

Locate small glass bottles -enough for each girl you will invite. Fill bottles 1/3 full with play sand and tiny pebbles. Write out an invitation on thin paper. Punch a small hole in one corner and tie a long piece of ribbon to the paper.Roll the invitation up tight enough to fit in the bottle. Secure roll with a piece of tape and place in bottle - making sure the ribbon hangs out so girls can easily retrieve their invitation. Trim ribbon.

Bible Verse
You will need:
-56+ index cards

Matthew 6: 19-21
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Write out the Bible verse above on index cards - but putting only one word on each card. Mix the cards up and place in a basket. If you have a large group make 2-3 sets of these cards and place in separate baskets. Have girls work in teams or as a group to put the words in order. Try to do this without the aid of a Bible, however, if it takes too long, have one girl read the verse while the rest lay out the cards.

If there is time, you could also include glue, markers, and a poster board. Have girls glue the cards on the board in correct order and decorate the sign (draw treasure boxes, moths, hearts, etc). Hang where everyone can enjoy the sign and remember where their treasure should be.

Ice Breaker
People Treasure Hunt

For each participant you will need:
*5" x 4" (approx size) sheet of paper (folding a sheet of copy paper in half and then half again and cutting apart is fine)
*Sheet of stickers (any kind will do - silly shapes, coin stickers, or the round stickers commonly used at yard sales will all work well
*List of questions (can be printed on back of 5"x4" paper)
*a pen

Object: each girl will go around asking questions. When someone can answer the question they initial a sticker and give it to her which she then places on her card. Each girl should see how many stickers she can collect.

Sample Questions
-favorite color is turquoise          -has been on a mission trip
-favorite food is peas                -has lead out in a youth program
-loves to garden                       -has done a 30-hour famine
-has/had braces                        -thinks potato chips are a vegetable
-has broken a bone                  -loves math
-likes to mow the lawn             -wants to be a veterinarian
-thinks pink is cool                   -likes to bird watch
-plays a sport                           -plays a musical instrument
-loves to read                           -listens to the same music I like
-knows how to do origami        -has been/is a Pathfinder


Set a basket on a table that is in a quiet corner. Make small cards (2"x3") and glue a penny to front of each card. Also have available a few pens. Encourage each girl to visit the table at some time during the event and write a prayer request on the back of a card and place in the basket. At the end of your event, have each girl select a card to take home. Encourage them to to pray for the item or name listed on the back of the card.

Treasure, Treasure, Who's Got the Treasure?
Object: have girls read about Bible characters who searched for treasure and determine if their search was good or bad.
Divide girls into teams (2-4 per team at most)
For each team you will need:
-a pen
-a paper with a Bible verse and questions printed on it (see below)

Questions and Bible Verses
1Kings 3:4-15, & 1 Kings 10: 23-24 (Solomon)
Luke 18: 18-28 (Rich Ruler)
Acts 5:1-10 (Ananias and Sapphira)
Genesis 6:6-22 (Noah)
Genesis 22: 1-18 (Abraham)
Genesis 41:41-50, 45:1-14 (Joseph)
Matthew 15:1-20 (Pharisees)
Judges 16: 1-22 (Samson)
Luke 19:1-9 (Zacchaeus
Luke 19: 11-26 (Three Servants)

Each team should answer these questions about the character they have read about:
1.) Who was the treasure seeker (who was their Bible character)
2.) What treasure were they seeking?
3.) Did they find their treasure?
4.) What was the result of finding/searching for their treasure?

When teams are done, come back into a single group. Have one representative from each group read their answers to the group. If the treasure seeker was after a good treasure - everyone should cheer. If they were after a bad treasure, everyone should boo.
Treasure Hunt

Use clues from the Bible to find a hidden treasure.
What you will need:
-a treasure to hide (could be candy, bookmarks, small trinkets, books, etc)
-written directions - use Bible verses to steer the girls in the right direction! See examples below for ideas

Before girls arrive, hide a treasure (be sure there is enough for each girl). If your group is large you may want to have two different locations and divide the girls into two groups for this activity.

You will also want to hide your clues. Make as many as you like - just be sure to include a Bible verse or biblical concept in the clues. You will hand the girls their first clue which will lead them to the second. The second clue will lead them to the third, etc until the treasure is finally found.

If you want to be more creative - you can design a treasure map and have the girls write in the clues as they find them.

Sample Questions
Clue 1: In the BEGINNING God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1
I have emphasize beginning because I want the girls to go to the front door of the building where they will find clue 2.

Clue 2: And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. Matt. 5:40
Emphasize coat - where are coats kept? The coat rack!

Clue 3: Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon. John 4:6
In this case, our well would be the water fountain

Clue 4: Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished.Genesis 25:29
The kitchen is where we cook
Where Is Your Treasure?

What you will need for each girl:

If possible, print a picture of a pot of gold and the phrase 'Where Is Your Treasure?' on paper for each girl.
This is a quiet, private time for girls to reflect on what they value, what they are focused on, and perhaps how they need to refocus.
Re-read the Bible verse then ask the girls to quietly contemplate what things they treasure right now. Have them list 10 things that are very important to them - whether it be objects, people, careers, concepts; and to list them in order of importance from 1-10. Be sure to tell everyone that these are private and will not be read or shown to anyone and encourage them to be honest.

When they are done, have girls fold and place their list in their envelopes and seal them, then write on the outside "Open in 5 Years" or whatever time frame you would like to put.

Finally, pray with the girls and encourage them to seek out the treasure in God's Word daily
Treasure Boxes

Collect enough small boxes with lids for each girl. Shoe boxes work great.
You will also need:
-paint brushes
-construction or wrapping paper in interesting colors
-any other supplies you can think of

Have the girls design treasure boxes. Paint boxes with gold or brown paint, then attach embellishments to really make the boxes shine.