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Paper Quilt Patterns
Patterns for Paper Quilts

Copy patterns to a word doc. Print and enlarge to desired size.
Scrapbook paper in light colors and patterns make pretty backdrops for ladies to write encouraging words on.

Patterns shown for:
Tea Thyme Quilt - tea cups, tea pots. To make it daintier-cut small paper doilies and glue under teapots
Birds and Houses Quilt -use a tiny piece of yellow paper for the birds beak, draw an eye with a black thin-tipped marker, and use contrasting colors for the birds wing and birdhouse roof
Flowers and Butterflies Quilt - use contrasting light colored centers for the flowers. A black permanent thin-tipped marker works great for drawing in the features of the butterfly.

If you are creating quilts to give away, consider adding something special such as:
Tea Thyme: include a packet of tea, a honey stick, and a chocolate bon-bon in a tea cup tied with a ribbon
Birds and Houses: include a bag of birdseed and birdwatching guide
Flowers and Butterflies: include flower seed packets, potting soil, and plant poke tucked into a pot; or a bouquet of flowers; or a six-pack of flowers to be planted outdoors.