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Being young means a lot of things. Energy. Growth. Searching. Exploring. But youth also experience the darker side of humanity: depression, insecurity, doubt, and isolation.

Including young women in your women's ministries program is a wonderful way to connect, encourage, and nurture them. But don't stop at event invitations! Harness all that energy and exploration! Those young ladies will all too soon turn into wives, mothers, and hopefully church leaders! Provide opportunities for leadership and learning while they are young. Be open to new ways of doing things, and take time to teach through example rather than lecture! Most importantly,  make a habit of praying over and with them.

Goals of Young Women's Ministries

  • To foster a growing relationship with Jesus
  • To provide education and guidance for the many issues young women face as they mature
  • To provide a loving, supportive community that young ladies can feel comfortable turning to when looking for social and spiritual support
  • To offer young women a secure place to develop leadership and other skills
  • To provide a non-judgmental setting for reclaiming missing members
  • To provide positive role models