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When shopping and baking and wrapping and rushing has taken its toll on the members of your women's group (and probably you too!), why not take time out to create a reminder that God offers an antidote for the stress, unhappy feelings, and distraction that seems to seep in to the holiday season!

God's Holiday Survival Kit

Gather the items listed below and place them in pretty baskets - be sure to have enough for each lady participating.
Make small tags for each item with the accompanying Bible verse.
You will also need small baskets or bags and items to decorate with (ribbon, clear bags, small ornaments, etc). Include a larger tag with the words 'God's Survival Kit' on it.

Encourage each lady to gather one item from each basket along with a container, tags, and supplies for decorating.
Spend time with Bibles looking up the verses and discussing the 'remedy'. Explore ways to 'apply' them throughout not only the holiday season, but the rest of the year as well!

Ladies can tie Bible verse tags on individual  items then place in basket or bag and decorate to take home - or better yet- to share with a stressed-out lady they know.

Everyone should leave having experienced at least a few smiles and a bit of relaxation!

Survival Kit Items and Bible Verses

1. Candle - Matthew 5:16
2. Bar of Soap - Psalm 51:7
3. Hand Lotion - Proverbs 51
4. Glittery Star cut-out - Revelation 22:16
5. Tea - Proverbs 1:33
6. Bookmark - Psalm 111:10
7. Miniature Snickers Bar - Proverbs 17:27

Add additional items and Bible verses as you think of them!

Sample Tags