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Be a blessing


Bountiful Blessings

Use a fall theme throughout the room
Table cloths, plates, napkins, and flowers in fall colors.
For each table - find a branch that spreads out like a tree and secure it in a clay pot or pail with plaster Paris. Spray paint the branch before securing or leave it natural.

Cut out fall-colored leaves and attach to the branches with raffia or ribbon. Extra leaves can be scattered over each table. Alternatively, you could place pens and leaves on each table and ask ladies to decorate the trees. Have ladies select several leaves and instruct them to write down blessings in their lives. Completed leaves should be hung on the trees.

Sisters In Prayer (S.I.P)
Have a basket of leaf cut-outs, pens, and ribbon next to a branch tree (see description above). Let women select a leaf, write a prayer request on the leaf, then attach it to the tree. At the close of your meeting, invite each lady to take a prayer request from the tree and include it in their daily prayer time. 


Quick & Easy: Hot mulled cider & pumpkin bread
Potluck: Have a 'bountiful harvest' meal - encourage ladies to bring in dishes with plenty of fall fruits or vegetables
Elegant: Plan a Thanksgiving meal. Have a seasonal starter such as squash soup, followed by a main course of traditional Thanksgiving foods. Finish with apple pie a'la mode and sparkling cider. Use real tablecloths and dishes to make the meal special.

The Inviting Colors of Fall

2 Corinthians 4:3

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

November is a perfect time to reach out to people who might be alone or lonely during the holiday season.  Below are two sharing ideas.
  • A Gift From Jesus To You
For each gift you will need:
Small square lidded gift box
Christmas-theme wrapping paper
Clear tape
Page of 25 Bible promises - one page per gift. Verses should be able to be cut apart and folded
Tag: "This is a special gift from Jesus to you. Starting December 1, select one folded paper to read each day"

Wrap the top and bottom of each box separately (make sure the parts fit together well after wrapping).
Cut apart and fold the 25 Bible promises, then place inside the box.
Tie the box closed with ribbon and attach the tag

Give boxes to individuals that could use encouragement.

  • Bible Promise Tree

For each gift you will need:
One 15" evergreen tree (craft stores carry these)
One sheet of 25 Bible promises (should be able to cut and roll into tiny scrolls)
Thin ribbon to tie scrolls with and attach to tree
Colored paper

Cut, roll, and tie scrolls from the Bible verses. Attach to tree with ribbon.
Cut tiny stars or other shapes from the colored paper and attach to tree
Tie tiny bows on the ends of tree branches to make tree look more festive
Attach a tag (see above)
  • Other Bible Promise Ideas:
Decorate a basket or fancy jar to hold Bible promises
Focus on a particular theme for Bible promises such as Jesus' birth, peace, encouragement, faith, etc