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Christmas Treasures

Decorate each table with a different symbol of Christmas. Shapes to consider: star, bell, angel, nativity, candle, wreath, stocking. This is a great opportunity to invite ladies to help decorate! Ask several ladies to be responsible for decorating a table, or have everyone bring in items of the shape you need. Print a card for each table describing the shape and its meaning during the holiday season (see below for several card ideas).

SIP: Sisters In Prayer
Have a basket of holiday shapes, craft supplies, ribbon, and a small pine tree available. Ladies should be invited to decorate a shape, turn it over and write a prayer request on the back then hang it on the tree. At the end of your event, have each lady take an ornament and add that prayer request to their daily prayer time. 

Quick & Easy: eggnog and homemade cookies
Potluck: As ladies to bring their favorite soup, breads, and cookies.
Elegant: Arrange to have a holiday tea. Set your serving table with real flowers, china, tea cups, and silverware. Offer dainty finger sandwiches, miniature appetizers, bite-sized desserts, and of course tea, sugar, and cream.

Invite several (or all) ladies to share one or two creative ways they focus on Jesus during Christmas. This would also be a great time to ask one lady from each table to read the meaning of the shape on their table.

Have a creative reading of the Nativity story

Christmas carols

During this hectic time of buying, wrapping, giving, singing, planning, etc., take time out to enjoy a gift from God! Have ladies gather this gift together to enjoy themselves. Encourage ladies to look up the Bible verses on the tags and figure out what the verse and item is saying to them about God. 

God's Holiday Survival Kit
For each gift you will need:
Small Candle w/tag (Matthew 5:16)
Small Soap w/tag (Ps. 51:7)
Small Hand Lotion w/tag (Prov. 15:1)
Star Cut-out w/tag (Rev. 22:16)
Tea Bag w/tag (Prov. 1:33)
Bookmark w/tag (Ps. 111:10)
Miniature Snickers Bar w/tag (Prov. 17:22)
Bag, ribbon, and tag (God's Holiday Survival Kit)

Other Ideas
Package homemade goodies and deliver to emergency response personnel
Gather new items and wrap, then deliver to a women's shelter, hospital, or soup kitchen
Contact your prison ministries coordinator to see if there are families you can help out during the holiday season

Card Samples for Tables