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Sharing the Christmas Spirit

This is a Focus On Ministry Program  -creative ways to to share the gospel and good cheer to those in need.

Do In Advance
  1. Create a list of people who would benefit from a personal visit such as the elderly, shut-ins, absent members, etc.
  2. Call people on the list and arrange a date and time to visit -explaining that only one or two people will be visiting
  3. Ask women to bring homemade items such as fruit breads, cookies, or fresh fruit
  4. Gather supplies to package items into small gift packages
  5. Purchase or make a card for each person to be visited

Day of Event
  1. Begin your event with prayer - asking a special blessing on those who did not wish a visit at this time
  2. Package homemade goodies and fruit
  3. Include a card signed by participants
Have available:
  • book of carols
  • poem or short story
  • camera
  1. Divide ladies into groups of one or two. Hand out visitation assignments and head out.
  2. During your visit - sing a few carols, read a poem, hand out packages, and be sure to take a photo of your visit.
  3. Meet back at church for refreshments and to allow ladies to share their experiences

Print copies of pictures taken - enclose a picture in a card with a short encouraging note and mail to appropriate people.