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Give Online
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Online Resources for Women’s Ministries

There are many resources available to assist with program development, event ideas, and organization of your Women’s Ministries program. Below are just a few!
  1. General Conference website
  2. North American Division WM Links Page
  3. Atlantic Union website
  4. SNEC website
  5. End it Now
Ordering Resources
  1. ABC 
  2. Advent Source 
  3. Christian Book Distributors 
  4. Christian Ed Warehouse 
  5. Family Christian Stores
  6. Lifeway
  7. Parable
  8. Group Publishing
  9. Amazon

Themes and Ideas

Many sites offer free samples and previews of events. Please be aware that some of these sites are not Adventist. Placing these sites here in no way indicates an endorsement by SNEC WM Department.

                                      Creative Ladies Ministries

                                       Kansas-Nebraska Conference of SDA’s

                                      WM promotional tools: Newsletters & websites 

                                     WM promotional tools: Newsletter printing & distribution tips 

                                     WM promotional tools: Brochures and Fliers 

                                      Iowa-Missouri Conference of SDA’s