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Throughout the year there are special emphasis days on the WM calendar. These events are intended to raise awareness and draw attention to specific issues relating to women.

International Women's Day of Prayer

When: First Sabbath in March**
What: A day to emphasize the importance of prayer
Resources: Leaders Manual, PowerPoint, Resource Materials, Archives of prior years materials

NAD               GC

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

When: Second Sabbath in June**
What: A day raise awareness of women's ministry and its purpose in the church
Resources: Resource Materials, Powerpoint, Archives of prior years materials

NAD                       GC

Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day

When: Fourth Sabbath in August**
What: A day to raise awareness about abuse and provide prevention resources
Resources: Resource Materials, Powerpoint, Handouts, Links, Archives, Church statements on abuse

NAD                           GC

Women's Ministry Offering

When: Second Sabbath in July
What: An offering designated for the Women's Ministries Department (divided between conference, union, and division). A specific emphasis is chosen for the offering. For 2005-2010 the emphasis is Outreach Evangelism and Leadership Training for Women.
Resources: Addition information, offering appeal, bulletin inserts, archives


**If you are unable to schedule these special days on the indicated dates, please feel free to consult your pastor and schedule them for another date.