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"Labels Make Cents" Program

Collect UPC code from the labels of canned food products: Worthington, Loma Linda, & Caroline's. (Frozen foods not accepted.) Only UPC codes beginning with the following numbers are eligible:  28989 or 45561.

Bring the UPC codes from the labels, to your church. After counting and verifying them, the church should submit a "Church Report Form" to the Southern New England Conference office. Once this is received, the conference will submit a report form to the food manufacturer for reimbursement. Each UPC is reimbursed at .25 cents. Once the reimbursement is received from the manufacturer, your church will receive a check from the conference. 

It is recommended that the church keep the labels with a copy of the submitted report, for one year. After that, the labels should be destroyed, so that they are not accidently re-submitted.

Click here to learn how this program works.

Click here for a 'Church  Report Form.'

For more info from the NAD Stewardship website, click here.


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